Zirconia Non-Metal Implants

Why Zirconia metal free?

Metals have a high affinity for binding with proteins in the body. When binding to the proteins, they can alter their structure. The immune system then recognizes them as foreign on the cell surface and attack them creating an auto immune disorder (Valentine-Thon, 2014).

Enzymes can also bind to metals altering their structure and function (Valentine-Thon, 2014).

Some other issues that have been associated with metals are dermatologic issues and chronic fatigue syndrome (Valentine-Thon, 2014).

"All implanted metals corrode when in contact with biological fluids, releasing metal ions into the implant tissue thereby stimulating the immune system to trigger toxic, inflammatory, or allergic reactions with both local and systemic manifestations" (Valentine-Thon, 2014).

Elizabeth Valentine-Thon has a Ph.D in Biology and is the General manager of Health Diagnostics and Research Institute in New Jersey. She specializes in Metal and Titanium sensitivity/allergy testing.

Please keep in mind that all patient reactivity will be different to metal exposure and that testing proir to placement is strongly encouraged!

Other benefits of Zirconia Implants:

One piece Implant means no micro-gap between abutment and Implant body. This reduces the possibility of bone loss.

No galvanic currents- no ion release, no corrosion. No allergic reactions to metal.

Aesthetically better results- no metal “halo” or shrinkage of tissue that shows metal collar.

No second surgery to uncover abutment, can be prepped like natural tooth in the mouth.

Special considerations for Osseo integration and healing time:

Patient must be willing to wear an Essix retainer immediately after placement to protect the implant from torque forces during the first three months for the lower jaw and six months for the upper jaw.

We have begun using the exciting new Swiss Bio Health Technique during Implant placement.  This involves using the healing properties and materials from the patients own body to encourage self healing and Implant integration in the bone.  Platelet Rich Fibrinogen (PRF): these are plasma components extracted from the patients blood which are rich in growth factors and fibrin.  During the placement process, granules of the patients own bone is harvested, mixed with the PRF, and placed at the  extraction site.  The patient is also placed on a supplement protocol to enhance healing.   In most all cases, the results we have seen from this technique are amazing.

The height, width, and thickness of bone will be assessed using a Cone Beam image of the area being considered for the implant. In some situations a patient is NOT a candidate for an implant.

For more info go to: https://www.swiss-biohealth.co...


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