I have had numerous medical issues from dental, from sinus to lung infections, headaches, neck pain, infections, Candida and more…. and after visits to many various doctors for decades not one doctor could give me relief. However, one day when talking with Dr. Butler about my total health issues we discovered I had the root of an old root canal tooth that was still in my jaw and needed to be removed.  A 3D scan determined the issue, so we removed it. Then we decided to scan lower right since I was still having dental pain. We discovered a lower right cavitation from a pulled molar 30 yrs ago. Had that cavitation removed and now improving medically more than ever in just 60 days. I almost cried because 30 yrs of this and finally seeing whole body infections subsiding. In the mean time I had many teeth repaired from cracks and they look wonderful.  Thank you doctor Butler for all that you do, you actually saved my life, and I mean that sincerely.---Karla

 "Prompted by annoying toothache pain, I was first drawn to Butler Family Dentistry by the pleasant and welcoming website. In person, I was pleased to find Alex and Lisa and their entire staff to be very friendly and concerned for my dental health. They go out of their way to make me feel comfortable, and they greet me by name each time I visit. I would recommend Integrative Dental Associates, especially if you are looking for a warm and friendly dental experience!"---Jackie

“I had been with the same dentist for several years and I was very hesitant to change. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I took a leap of faith and booked an appointment with Dr. Butler!! She is by far and away the most kind, honest, and talented dentist I have ever seen. From front to back the whole staff made me feel more than comfortable and welcome. I had never felt that welcome or at ease in a doctor’s office ever. The caring Dr. Butler showed was something new to me and she turned out to be an incredible dentist in addition to a really nice person. The cost was also more than reasonable and much less than the other office I had been with for years. After my first visit I knew I had found a new, reliable, compassionate dentist that made me feel at home. I switched my entire family immediately and gladly recommend Butler Family to anyone. Thanks again Dr. Butler!”---David

One of the reasons I changed to a Biologic Dentist is because I refuse to have fluoride in my body as I've worked for a decade to remove toxins. Fluoride toxicity is real! Many Dentists do not take this seriously, but fluoride is very toxic poison that’s why it carries a toxic logo when trucked.  For those who say, “isn’t there fluoride in the water? Yes there is, but not my water, I now have a well, I was serious about better health”.---KC

"Going to the dentist has always made me nervous. My last dental experience before I went to Integrative Dental Associates was like going to a factory. But Dr. Butler's office is comfortable and soothing. She worked hard to make sure that I felt at ease. The technician was solicitous of my needs, and I was reassured at every step of my treatment. Dr. Butler even called me personally the next day to make sure that I was not experiencing any distress. Now, I won't worry about needing to see a dentist. I trust Dr. Butler's expertise and appreciate the tranquil atmosphere of the office."---Margaret

"Prior to visiting Dr. Lisa Butler I had only seen male dentists. I have to say when she worked on my teeth I barely even new she was there. Needless to say, I'll never go to another dentist besides Dr. Butler. Patient for life!"---John

I would like to thank Dr. Lisa Butler and her staff on my recent dental emergency care. The office staff quickly placed me into the office, proceeded to assess my dental needs, and put me at ease for the procedure to repair my tooth. This was my first visit to the office and I would highly recommend Dr. Butler!---Doris

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