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Our office understands that people are unique and require individualized care. Reactivity to dental materials can be loosely compared to food allergies. While many people have no problems with foods such as peanuts, fish, or soybeans, there is a percentage of the population who will have an allergic reaction to these foods. As with foods, most people do not even notice that anything is happening since they experience no immediate symptoms, but there can still be a reaction taking place.

We offer blood serum biocompatibility test for dental materials. We provide you with the prescription test “kit” and you do the rest. It is very simple.

We recommend this test for patients who have health issues, chronic pain, or concerns about exposure to various types of chemicals. Dental products are ALL foreign to the body and will affect each individual’s immune system in varying degrees.

Many of our patients have had this testing done, therefore, we have discovered that there are certain materials that many people are non-reactive to. These are the materials that we tend to have on hand more so than others. However, if you or someone you know is sensitive or allergic to many things, we recommend the use of one of these tests. This allows us to be proactive in providing optimum care to help our patients have a superior experience in our office.

The BIOCOMP test reveals reactivity to over 3000 dental materials that can be placed into 21 different categories. Each category is then divided into three sections: Highly Reactive, Moderately Reactive and Least Reactive. ***Please note that there is no category for Non Reactive since the immune system will always react to anything it recognizes as “non-self.”

The test utilizes blood serum which is drawn at a local laboratory like Sonora Quest. It is a fasting blood test. Ideally the patient should not have had anything to eat or drink (besides water) for 8 – 12 hours. Also, the patient should NOT have been on antibiotic therapy for the previous 30 days. This is then packaged and shipped to Colorado.

Test results can be available in as little as 48 hours but more commonly 5-7 business days. Dr. Butler can then utilize materials that are found in the Least Reactive category for you.

The fee is approximately $310.00 and is paid directly to Biocomp Labs. For questions you may contact:

Biocomp Labs, Colorado Springs, CO

Phone 1-800-331-2303

Fax 719-572-8081

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